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District E

It was a great turnout and a full agenda at the EFCL’s regular general meeting on Monday.  You can visit efcl.org to download the agenda, the Planning Committee update is on pg 34.  I was appointed as the District E representative on the Planning & Development Committee, thank you to the Meadowlark Community League for nominating me for the position.  The following communities fall within the district:

Britannia Youngstown – Canora – Crestwood – Elmwood – Glenora – Glenwood – Grovenor – High Park – Jasper Park – Laurier Heights – Lynnwood – Mayfield – McQueen – Meadowlark – North Glenora – Parkview – West Jasper/Sherwood – West Meadowlark

Family-friendly multi-unit housing, zoning bylaw amendments, transit oriented development, and living local recreation facility planning currently top the committee’s agenda.  We recently held a well attended workshop for the family-friendly initiative and are currently reviewing the feedback from participants.   The proposed Urban Character Row Housing Zone is one of the areas relating to zoning bylaw which the committee is focusing on.  With the Residential Infill Guidelines recommending the development of row housing across from schools and parks, we are working to ensure that the zone allows for appropriate amenity space for families, with a pedestrian friendly street orientation.  We have been attending key stakeholder workgroups for the proposed Transit and Land Use Framework, which when completed, will guide land-use around transit stations and corridors.  We are hopeful that public feedback will be solicited for the next draft version in November.

November 4th Update:

There are two stakeholder group events for the TOD framework scheduled for December, but still no word on public involvement events.


I’d like to thank everyone who voted for, and supported me during this years civic election.  While the result wasn’t what we had hoped for, the experience gained over six months on the campaign trail was invaluable.  With the campaign over, I will be continuing my volunteer work with the Glenwood Community League, Jasper Place Revitalization, and the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.

If you are looking for the 2010 campaign site, you can find it by following this link. My volunteer efforts touch upon a number of areas of civic policy, and as I said frequently during the campaign, this is the level of government with which we interact every single day of our lives.  I’m going to keep Jamiepost.com active, both as a personal blog, and an on-going look at civic policy from the perspective of a community volunteer.  I can be reached by e-mail at contact @ jamiepost. com or on twitter @Jamie_Post.

Community Consultation & New Developments

In response to some of the issues communities face (unclear procedures, timelines, league responsibilities, etc) when it comes to public consultation and new developments, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues is hosting a meeting on November 3rd to discuss the issue with a number of stakeholders.  Please see the notice below for more information.

Do you have concerns about the consultation process for development permits or rezoning in your community? You are invited to a meeting with community league representatives, developers and city planning staff to provide input into improving community consultation in the pre-application phase of land development.  The meeting will be held Wednesday, November 3, 7 – 9 pm at the EFCL Office, 7103 105 Street.

Land developers and home owners are encouraged, and in some instances mandated to consult with Community Leagues and neighbours prior to applying for a building development permit or rezoning.

While there are many benefits to having a consultation at the pre-application stage, there are some concerns about the process.

Your input will be used to improve the process and perhaps prepare an information package.

Feel free to invite your neighbours who have been through the building process either as a home builder/renovator or as a neighbour who has been asked to review a development proposal.

All  input is welcomed and  helpful.

Please let EFCL know you are attending.  Contact Bev.Zubot@efcl.org or 780-437-2913.

Who Said What

The Internet Archive is an excellent project, dedicated to building a digital library covering everything from texts, video and software, to archived web pages.  I’ve spent some time lately using it to take a look back at candidates webpages from elections past.  Here are some links to current Councillors pages from 2004 and 2007.

Linda Sloan – 2004 2007

Tony Caterina – 2007

Amarjeet Sohi – 2007

Jane Batty – 2007

Ed Gibbons – 2001 2004

Stephen Mandel – 2004

A Downtown Arena and The Hockey News

From the October 25th edition of the Hockey News….

Early reports had the Katz camp seeking 100 percent control and 100 percent of the revenue (hockey and otherwise) of a 100 percent taxpayer-funded arena.

Once the laughing stopped in Edmonton, the Katz Group agreed that further discussion might be necessary.

“of a 75% percent taxpayer-funded arena” would have been more accurate, but it shouldn’t stop us from filing this under the funny ’cause it’s true category.