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Tech Rants for July 6th

The Bad

from – https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ/DoesUbuntuOneSupportKDE

Does Ubuntu One support KDE?

Ubuntu One has not developed a sync client for KDE. Our focus has been on the service foundations and a limited set of platforms (Ubuntu and some mobile platforms) so we don’t have extra resources and skills to address the needs of the KDE community. We have, though, partnered with developers on other platforms to create Ubuntu One sync clients… with KDE leading the way.


“We make a Linux desktop distribution (Kubuntu) which uses the K Desktop Environment (KDE) as it’s graphical user interface.  We make Ubuntu One, a service similar very much similar to something like Dropbox.  Never the two shall meet, unless it’s by someone else’s doing.” *sigh*


The Good

Digital Living Network Alliance

A DLNA compatiable HDTV, A DLNA client on my tablet and smart phone, and MediaTomb running on my Linux Desktop = 🙂 geek.  Configuring MediaTomb took a bit of effort, I ditched the AllShare app that came pre-installed on my Galaxy Tab in favor of iMediaShare (it and the PC didn’t get along, couldn’t find any fixes online), but aside from a few hiccups, streaming between devices has been a breeze.