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A Shout-out to Yeg’s Fastest Runners

1:00am in the river valley at the Tuxedos & Gowns run for @yegfoodbank #yeg

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It’s cold, snowing, the roads suck and I’ve seen one email stating that life as we know it is over for the year. In reality, the ice and day-time sub-zero have arrived a week later this year, than they have the past couple.

For the past several years, Edmonton runners and willing participants have defied poor weather and icy river valley trails and sidewalks to take part in the Running Room’s “Tuxedos, Gowns and Hotdogs” fun run in support of the Edmonton Food Bank.

Starting at 1:59am during the fall time change, runners provided donations and raised money for the Food Bank, heading into the high-demand Christmas Season. Despite the early arrival of winter these past few years, they still made the effort and even with the icy conditions, many finished before the clocks reached 1:59, again.

2014 will have been the final year for this event., with perhaps the best weather. As a Food Bank volunteer who looked forward to heading down to the Kinsmen Centre every year to help out, I’ll miss our fun and quirky fundraiser. Thank you to the runners and volunteers who donated and took part. As well as to the Running Room, and Judy from the Food Bank who made organizing it look easy.